Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas card crafts work for me.

So what do you do with all of the Christmas cards you've gotten over the last month? I had always just thrown them away.

The girls spent the night with Nana the other night. She kept all of the Christmas cards and let them cut out the pictures and then glue them to another piece of paper. Cutting and glueing.....heaven to my girls! (So spell check says that 'glueing' is supposed to be 'gluing' but I can't stand the way that looks so I'm leaving it as 'glueing'....cause I can!)

So keeping Christmas cards for crafts sounds much better then my idea of just throwing them away. Thanks for a great Works for me Wednesday tip, Nana!

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Marcia said...

If the people haven't written on the back of the picture, you can re-use them as

1) gift tags for next year
2) thank-you cards for all the Christmas gifts


AutumnFawn said...

Uh oh, the home school part of me is kicking in---you drop the silent e when adding a vowel ending unless, for example, it's a word like changeable. You have to keep the e so the g stays soft. Like you wanted to know that and I am surprised that I did. But like you said, you can spell it any way you want to!!! I can't talk anyway-- I am terrible with punctuation and the only reason I can spell is b/c of spell check. :)

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Very cool tip~ I have mine sitting in a dreaded pile at the present moment. I have guilt over tossing them but I don't want them taking up space either. Thanks for the great idea!

Tracy said...

Take one a day and pray for the family ~ usually at dinnertime.

Anonymous said...


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