Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whew, what a fun day!

We (the big girls, my mom, and I) went to see Miss Patty Cake last weekend. We all had the best time and enjoyed a great show.

When she first came out on stage, Mara looked at my with huge surprised eyes and said, "Mom, how did Miss Patty Cake get out of the tv?!?" How cute is that! She's only ever seen Miss Patty Cake on videos so she was really amazed that she was a real live person.

Here's Mara and Emily posing in Miss Patty Cake's house in their Miss Patty Cake dresses...
And then we got to talk to her! Mara was sure to ask her how she got out of the tv.
And she signed our new Miss Patty Cake dolls that have not left their sides all week.
Oh, and don't forget Mr. Stan the Handyman!
Everything about the day was fabulous. If you've never seen Miss Patty Cake, you've got to checkout some of her videos. Check out her website. I can't say enough how good she is.

And she's a huge inspiration to me as a mother and in preschool ministry. Thanks Miss Patty Cake!



not up to code said...

I bet you made their dresses. What fun!

Scott said...

So, does Patty Cake travel?
Do you recommend me trying to get her to come to a location near me?