Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Miss Matched

How cute are these socks?! It's from a company called Little Miss Matched. I love it! Oh, and yes, they are not sold in pairs but rather in packs of three.

Dear Santa, my stocking sure could use a couple 'pairs' of these!



Ronnica said...

That's crazy. I wrote a post a little while back about 2 adult women who wore mismatched socks in the airport (where of course you can tell), but I didn't know what to think. Maybe it can be fashionable?

The socks are cute, but I am big into symmetry so I have to match one foot to the other!

not up to code said...

Those are cute. Have you attempted knitting any socks yet? I am think about taking a class for socks. It might be worth it for the adult conversation alone. I know! We should meet in Nashville and go take a class together.

~Amber~ said...

My 8 year old has the 3 pairs you have a picture of. Her Granny brought them from Ireland! I had no idea they were Miss Matched socks till I saw your post! I was like "Hey, those are my kids socks!" LOL