Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mara's cooking the turkey!

First you take a "little" turkey, about "three" pounds. You sprinkle it with "sprinkles" and rub it with "chocolate" (that's my girl!). Then put it in the oven on "75" degrees, and cook it for "five minutes." Then you serve it with "chocolate" and "ice cream."

Mmmm, chocolate and ice cream turkey....she might have just started a new family tradition!

Happy Turkey Day!



Elaine said...

HA! My 4yo is also cooking a tiny turkey with candy involved!

I'm hoping for a whole cookbook worth of her recipes by Christmas.

julie said...

so cute! hope you had a good day. we loved getting to eat with you guys last night!

carrie said...

I'll come for dinner next year if you are going to let her cook ;)

Amanda said...

Sounds good to me!