Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Worms and Blood Work for Me

This is the perfect Halloween lunch (even though we just happen to have it for supper last night)...Worms with a side of blood! You just take hotdogs and cut them in strips and then they get all curly when you boil them. It was super easy and the girls LOVED it!

Check it out....eeeeewwwww!

Mara said, "Momma, the blood tastes like ketchup, and the worms taste like hotdogs!" Who knew worms taste like hotdogs!

So for a perfect Halloween lunch or dinner, worms and blood work for me!

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Sheila said...

Very cute idea! I love your header photo. So retro looking! I don't have any girls in my house. :(

Dena said...

I'll definitely try that tomorrow!

(I also had to stop and gaze at your header for a bit. How cute!)

Llama Momma said...

Great idea! And simple. My boys will LOVE It. :-)

Adams Family said...

Too cute!

Deb said...

cool! But we are making finger fries ( french fries tipped with ketchup, and grilled cheese goblins ( grilled cheese with pickles as eyes, and piece of carrot as the mouth!)

Happy Wednesday! Cool pictures!

I just posted my wednesday! Have a great halloween! Dont get tricked, instead take a treat!

not up to code said...

Funny...gross but funny

FeeFiFoto said...

That's funny -- I've always though worms tasted like chicken... ;)