Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thank you,

Thank you, thank you very much! I'd like to thank my children and my husband...oh yes, and my parents too. And thank you God for giving me all of these.

Oh wait, I don't get to give an acceptance speech for this award. Oops, sorry. Guess I'll just say thanks Brandi!

We lived just down the street from Mark and Brandi in Memphis (btw Brandi, we drove through the old neighborhood last weekend and almost got's changed so much!). It's really cool to reconnect with them via bloggityville!

Guess I'm supposed to pass the award on, so here goes....

First, Ginny at 4 Texans. She has two gorgeous girls and another baby on the way. They are moving back to Texas and I'm praying for a smooth move and adjustment for the family. Oh, and Ginny, I still can't believe that you're not finding out the gender of baby #3. My money is on another girl!

And second, Jennifer for the snake story the other day....oh wait, you don't have a blog. Ok, Heidi for the stroller with baby rolling down the huge hill at riverfront...oh wait, you don't have a blog either. I really need to talk my real life friends into starting blogs cause there are lots of great stories out there going untold! Come on you guys, every one's doing it!


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AutumnFawn said...

You are welcome!!

I wish my real life friends would get blogs, too. Most of them don't! It is fun to keep up with everyone's life via the blogworld.