Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Messin' with Emily

I love messing with Emily. She doesn't get mad like Mara does, she just laughs at me.

Watching Dora the other day....
Me: Emmy, wha cha watchin?
Emily: Dowa.
Me: Dowa?
Emily: No, Dowa.
Me: Dowa?
Emily: No, Dowa.
Me: Dowa?
Emily: NO, DOWA.
Me: Oh, Dowa.
Emily: (laughing) Mooooooom!

Dressing up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast....
Me: Ooooo Sissy, you look gorgeous! Who are you?
Emily: Bayel.
Me: Bayel?
Emily: No, I Bayel.
Me: Bayel?
Emily: No, Bayel.
Me: Bayel?
Emily: NO, BAYEL!
Me: Oh, Bayel.
Emily: (laughing) Moooooom!

I could tell at least a dozen more but you get the picture!

I love you so much Sissy, and I love that we can have fun together. Oh, and thanks for not getting mad when I mess with you!


AutumnFawn said...

That is so funny--I do the same exact stuff. And then I tell the kids not to "provoke" each other!!! No wonder they just look at me with confused expressions on their faces sometimes!!

Oh, and by the way,yes that was a "paid" ad on Mark's blog. We both signed up for Payperpost--I am still awaiting approval. Can't wait to start!!!

AutumnFawn said...

Go to my blog!! I have something there for you!

Heather's Brain said...

I jumped over from autumnfawn's page! She is a doll!

What a joy it must be to have three girls! WOW! I couldn't even imagine life with ONE!!!

They are adorable, you are blessed!