Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Susanna Wesley's Apron Works for Me

Since becoming a mom, I've really struggled with finding time to study my Bible and pray each morning. The last couple of years I've tried either
a.) Getting up before the girls.
b.) Having a quiet time during nap time.

I'm still laughing at option a, and option b has worked for a little while but is still not consistent.

The most practical thing I brought home from Deeper Still was the story of Susanna Wesley. She had eight kids (one of which was John Wesley). Whenever she needed quiet time to talk to God, she would put her apron over her head. Her children knew that when momma had her apron over her head they were not to bother her.

Well, I don't put an apron over my head but I've used the same concept the last couple of weeks and it's working! First thing in the morning, I sit in a chair at the dining room table. I only sit in this particular chair when I'm doing my quiet time. I tell the girls that mommy is going to read her Bible and talk to Jesus.

The first couple of days I got about ten minutes of quiet time (which was more than I expected!), but it's getting better. I got a whole half hour this morning! And how awesome is that for my girls to see me spending time with my creator!

So, Susanna Wesley's apron Works For Me! For more great tips, go to Rocks in my Dryer.


Nettie said...

I love the image of the apron! This is a great idea I had never heard of before. Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

I love your blog. I have a zoo, you have a circus, same thing right? :)

I love this idea. I took my oldest to confession last night and it was so nice to spend that spiritual time with just her. Having quiet time is just another great example.

ginny said...

Great tip! I've tried both of your options before too without much success and I've tried doing it before can probably see how well that would work. I'll have to brainstorm what my apron might be and try it out. Thanks for sharing!

aly3kids said...

What a great idea! I love that your kids now see you making that a priority each day since they understand what you are doing in that spot - I'm going to have to find a spot here to do that.

Sandi said...

Thank you for the tip! I've been struggling with this for a long time. I might try this!

Mandy Houk said...

You know, you raise a great point: why do we think we have to do our quiet times when the kids are sleeping or otherwise completely unavailable to interrupt?

Doing you quiet time in plain sight, during their waking hours, not only shows that Mommy places a priority on time with God, but it also gives them practice in not interrupting, in being considerate and respectful, and in finding something to do on their own rather than using Mommy as Cruise Activities Director!

Thank you for this. I have been sorely lacking in God time lately, so I am implementing this today!

Phil said...

Awesome! Glad to see it's working! You think I can get programming done at home that way?

Love ya!

SAHMmy Says said...

Fantastic! I love that you are still present with the kiddos while building on your spiritual relationship and knowledge! Who says "me time" has to be all by your lonesome? Great idea, thanks!

Mrs. Brownstone said...

What an awesome thing that you are allowing your girls to see you spending time in the Word!

Thanks for sharing this!

Jill said...

This is a really great idea and has gotten me thinking. What a powerful example you are setting.

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, I'm doing research on Susnna Wesley and she gave birth to 19 babies:

"Ten of Susanna’s eventual nineteen children lived to maturity, making for a large family to raise and educate while she carried out all her other household responsibilities."

Her efforts to pray are even more remarkable to me knowing how many children she had, even if only ten lived to adulthood... --Roberta