Thursday, September 27, 2007


There's a new strip mall being built on our town (another one!). It's called Mt. Rushmore Place, and the sign has a big picture of Mt. Rushmore on the top of it. We passed it on our way home from preschool the other day. Here's the conversation in the van...

Mara: Look Mom, South Dakota!
Me: (not having a clue what she's talking about) What?
Mara: (pointing at the sign) It's South Dakota, right there!
Me: Who taught you that?
Mara: Bob and Larry, you know (singing) I wanna gooooo.......South Dakooooootaaa!

So she recognized Mt. Rushmore from the Veggie Tales video where they sing about South Dakota. She's a genius!

And yes, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I had to come home and google Mt. Rushmore to make sure it was indeed in South Dakota!


Carrie said...

That is too funny! I'm always embarressed when they know more than me, especially when they've learned it from TV. However it can be a good thing!

ginny said...

Thanks for admitting you had to Google to make sure Mt. Rushmore was in South Dakota...I was thinking it was in North Dakota :)

She is a little genius!

not up to code said...

I know that episode. Larry insults the entire state!