Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Four Ten Hour Days Work for Me

Phillip just started working four ten hour days last week. We LOVE it! It's a little more challenging in the evenings to keep the girls occupied until Daddy gets home (and that's complicated by the fact that we got rid of Emily's pacifier last week too and she hasn't napped since!), but Fridays are so worth it.

Since we both 'work' on Sundays at church, Saturday has been our only day off. Our to do list is a mile long so there's very little time for just fun stuff as a whole family. Last Friday we 'slept in' (that means Mara got up at 6:45 as opposed to 6:30), ate Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and went to the water park. We had a very relaxing super fun day.

Phillip seems to like the longer days at work too because he's been so productive. He said just the other night that the days seem to go faster because he's not watching the clock anymore.

So working four ten hour days 'Works For Me.'

This is my first time to participate in Works For Me Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer. There are tons of great tips over there so go check it out. Be warned'll eat at least an hour!



not up to code said...

My Dad worked 4 10hr days when I was a kid (usually nights). I liked it too. It complemented our home-school lifestyle and gave us lots of opportunities to take those quick 3 day vacations... ummm... I mean field trips.

Kathy in WA said...

My dh had a time when he worked 4 10 hour days. He LOVED it as well. He used to take the day off (it was Monday) and devote it to the kids. They would go off and do special day outings - zoo, science museum, etc.

It was WONDERFUL for me. :) Thanks for sharing!

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Heidi said...

Welcome to the 4/10 family! It is so much better to have your husband home one full extra day a week. The evenings are a little more challenging but you'll get used to that too. However, I still watch the clock from about 4pm until Dale walks in the door. We're so excited for you guys. Hey, and thanks for all you do at our church. We appreciate that too!

Stacy said...

I really wish that my husband could work 4/10's. Especially doing ministry, it would make having an extra day nice. Maybe one day!

Your little Becca is so cute. I have my own little Becca who lights up our life with a smile, especially when the camera is pointing in her direction.