Monday, August 13, 2007

They say the cutest things!

Mara was playing doctor and giving me a check-up when Becca crawled up and grabbed the stethoscope that was around her neck
Mara: No, no, no Becca, I need my checkascope to finish Mommy's check-up.

Mara was in the bathroom going #2. I walked in to finish fixing my hair....
Mara: Mom, did you fart?
Me: No baby, it's your poopie.
Mara: No Mom, you farted! Hahahaha!
Makes me feel good that she knows Mommy's farts stink, but she doesn't know that her own poopie stinks!

DeeDee: Hey dolly!
Emily: I not dolly; I Emmy!

Emily: (to her friends in Sunday School) Would ya'll PLEASE be quiet.
Emily's teacher: Are you trying to watch Bob and Larry? Are we being too loud?
Emily: Yes please!
At least she's using her manners.

Daddy: Mara, how many do you have?
Mara: (pointing to the two stacks of matching cards from her Memory game) I have those many and these many.


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