Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nineteen Minutes...

...I'll never get back.

My patients are G.O.N.E. this morning. Every last bit of them zapped in nineteen minutes.

We changed our tv service a little over three months ago in order to get a dvr (which I love, love, love!). We got three free months of some premium channels (that we never watched) at that time. All I had to do was call to cancel those channels before the free time period was over. I can't believe that I remembered to call, but three weeks ago I called to cancel those channels. They called back twice a few days later to confirm. Kind of annoying, but ok.

So why oh why is there a $24 charge on my bill for those channels?

I get back on the phone this morning with someone probably in India struggling with his English. I have nothing against the poor man trying to support his family but please oh please Mr. Directv make sure your customer service people can speak English if in fact they will be trying to help customers who surprisingly speak English.

So anyway, back to the nineteen excruciating minutes...
No, I would not like to keep the channels at a discounted rate.
Yes, I would like to cancel the channels like I stated three weeks ago.
Yes, I would like the $24 credit to appear on this billing cycle instead of a $8 on the next three billing cycles.
No, I would not like to keep the channels at a further discounted rate.
Yes, I can hold again for the sixth time.
Please stop saying "ma'am" every other word.

All to which this was the response...
Yes ma'am I understand ma'am. Hold ma'am please ma'am.

So nineteen minutes later I have zero confidence that anything was accomplished besides a zapping of this mamma's patience. Well, better go yell at the girls for a couple of hours now.


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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

And I love how when I clicked on your post, it said it was posted "19 minutes ago", what irony is that!

I HATE dealing with our cable company too - their customer service is horrible! My hubby agrees and since he deals with them on a daily basis as a cable tv installer, I guess he knows even better than I do, lol.