Friday, July 20, 2007


So maybe I'm behind a little, but I just discovered Bloglines a couple of weeks ago. It has changed my blog-reading life! There are over 40 blogs that I like to read. I used to have them all bookmarked and just click on them to see if they had any new posts. Needless to say, that took FOREVER and I never got to all of them.

I tried the live bookmark thing were you subscribe to the feed and it appears as a list in your bookmarks but that was just too messy looking for this OCD mama. And you had to remember what the title of the last post was to know if the one at the top was a new post.

So anyway, I stumbled on Bloglines a couple of weeks ago and I love it. So if you're behind a little like me then check it out it promises not to disappoint.

Oh, and you can even put a button on your toolbar that says 'Bloglines sub'. You just click that button while on a blog and it adds that blog's feed to your page. Love it!

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ginny said...

I've used Bloglines for a while now, but had no idea about the button...I'll have to look for that :) Good tip!