Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nicodemus' Confusion!

Last night Mara and I ran over to a friend's house to drop off some out-grown baby gear. While we were carrying the stuff to the van, here's how the conversation went....

Mara: Mom, why are we putting Becca's swing and chair in the van?
Me: Because Becca's too big for them now. We're going to let Joseph's babies use them.
Mara: But Mom, Joseph doesn't have a baby.
Me: Joseph has two babies but you haven't seen them yet cause they've been too little.
Mara: Two babies?
Me: Yep, two babies.
Mara: Not one baby?
Me: Nope, Joseph's mommy had two babies in her tummy!
Mara: I didn't know they come in twos!

Too cute, but that's not the funniest part....

Mara: What are the babies' names?
Me: Daniel and Catherine.
Mara: Daniel?
Me: Yep, Daniel.
Blank stare....(five minutes later) But Mom....
Me: Yes Baby Girl.
Mara: But Daniel is a big boy.
Me: No, we know two boys named Daniel. One is a big boy and the other is Joseph's new little baby brother.
Blank stare....(five minutes later) But Mom....
Me: Yes Baby Girl.
Mara: How did Daniel get to be a baby when he was a big boy?

I bet I tried to explain it to her for another ten minutes....Sissy's name is Emily but we also have another friend named Emily but they are two different people....Mommy's name is Carrie and Auntie Carey's name is Carey but they are two different people....etc.

You guess it, the response I got from her was...
Mara: Blank stare....(five minutes later) But Mom....

Now I know why Nicodemus was so confused!


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Lesley said...

Too cute! .

We usually end up calling someone 'big' and the other one 'little'. I praise God that we don't know a child name Lesley because I would then be known as 'Big Lesley'. However, the cow on Curious George's name is Lesley and that is just wrong!

I love the tie in with Nicodemus!