Monday, June 25, 2007

I am loved!

Emily loves to sleep in. This morning was no exception. Mara and Becca were already downstairs and dressed when I finally heard Emily calling me. Mara and Becca stayed downstairs while I went to get her (she can get out of bed by herself but she's just always called for me instead). When I got up there, she asked me to lay down with her. We were just laying there cuddling and talking. I told her I loved her so much and was glad that God picked me to be her mommy. She got the cutest little grin on her face and I just knew that she was going to say that she loved me too and was glad that I was her mommy too. But instead (hearing the tv downstairs) she said, "MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE!" She scrambled down off of her bed and ran downstairs leaving me laying in her bed feeling SO loved!


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