Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teaching Toddlers/Preschoolers about Money

I've been wanting to starting teaching the girls about money for some time now. Our church, Rock Springs Church, just finished a big stewardship campaign. The children participated as well with little piggy banks. These banks got the girls really interested in money so we are taking advantage of that to start teaching them about money. I found these great banks from Crown Ministries. Phillip and I took a Crown Ministries class about three years ago and really loved it so I looked there first for some teaching resources.

We just showed them the banks last night and talked about the three different sections. Each of the girls put a quarter in each section of their bank. I was SO surprised when this morning Mara was showing her bank to Papa and she said, "See Papa, the red one is to give to Jesus. The green one is to save to buy a big toy, and the yellow one is what I get to buy candy or little toys with." She said all of that without any prompting from me.

Emily doesn't really understand the whole concept yet. She just likes putting the money in the holes. It won't be long though before she'll be telling Papa about them too.

These little banks are a little expensive ($15 each) but as you can see, I think they'll be a great teaching tool.

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