Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Red All Gone

Emily fell this morning on the sidewalk and skinned her knees up. Ahhh, that's one of the many joys of summer--skinned knees! Anyway, I brought her inside to wash them up and get some band aides. She was screaming the whole time, "OOOOWWWW, KNEES RED, OOOOOOWWWW, BOO BOOS HURT, OOOOOWWWWW!"

I finally got her calmed down showing her the Dora band aides. I gave her one to play with while I cleaned her up. She was so into the band aide that she didn't notice what I was doing to her knees (a band aide in the hand is a great distraction when you're trying to put one somewhere else!). Then I said, "All done...Boo boo's all better!" She looked at her knees and started screaming again, "RED ALL GONE, WHERE'S BOO BOOS, RED ALL GONE!"

Aaaaaahhhhhh, sometimes there's no pleasing her! She's still asking where her boo boos are four hours later. If I take the band aides off to show her the boo boos, then she'll scream about her band aides being gone. I better just leave well enough alone.

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